The Church with a Mission and The Pastor with a Vision

Greater Outreach Ministries & Officers

Pastor's Aide Ministry and Officers
  • Sis. Marcia Tutt
  • Gail Chambers
  • Selma Jackson
Music Ministry
  • President: Elizabeth Boiling
  • Vice President: Marcia Tutt
  • Musician,Director: John Smith
Women's Ministry
  • President: Selma Jackson
  • Gail Chambers
  • Paula Eakins
Hospitality Ministry (Ushers & Greeters)
  • Johnnie Lockett
Men's Ministry
  • President: Dea. Firk Chambers
  • Vice President: Dea. Gary Steadman
Youth Ministry
  • President: Paula Eakins
  • Chairman: Dea. Gary Steadman
  • Co-Chairman: Dea. Firk Chambers
Deaconess & Minister Wives
  • President: Gail Chambers
  • Vice President: Nia Eakins
  • Vice President: Kiara Brimmer

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