Our Mission

Our Church Will


Out and witness to the people and help them

Move to higher heights - change

  • Make them disciple(s) – Conversion or Convert
  • Minister to others (in the church & community) – Compassion

Become a Beacon light in home, church & community by serving and helping others.

Change – the people's lives will be changed for the better

  • Conversion/Convert – the people's hearts will often soften
  • Compassion – the people will have compassion for each other in the church and in the community

The Pastor with a Vision:

Be Steadfast in Lord, Worship God Daily, and Help Build Up People's lives by Teaching, Leading, and Equipping them with the Word of God

Rev. Kenneth Eakins, Sr. Pastor

Rev. Kenneth Eakins, Sr. Pastor

(713) 643-1320